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Celebrating and Preserving Your Family’s History

Have you ever wanted to create a “time capsule” that your family will treasure for both current and future generations?

At Keep the Past, we help families to capture and preserve your family’s priceless stories and unique memories before they are lost to time. Through video interviews, old family films, photographs and important family documents, we create and choreograph a movie, which will become a keepsake for each of your family's members.

Family Milestones: Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Weddings, Reunions, and other Special Occasions. 

To view a few of our sample videos, click on any of the three images below:

Are you interested in receiving a free consultation and pricing estimate? For the month of January 2018, we are giving new clients a free professionally printed book and a one page customized/scrollable web page to showcase your family stories and videos that we produce. This also includes six months of free hosting via a custom domain name for your family. 

About Keep the Past

Preserve your treasured family history with a professional custom film. Our professional video production and products help you capture your family stories on video. We offer personal video biographies that you can both enjoy and share with your entire family. 

We also bring over 25 years of combined experience with video production & editing for both corporate and documentary filmmaking.


"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my whole family, for your movies about my Mom and Dad. My Mom is dying of pancreatic cancer. Based on her rapidly declining condition this past Thursday, we had an emergency get together of all the brothers, sisters-in-law, boyfriends, girlfriends and grand children to see completed version of the movie. Everyone watched it with a combination of both pleasure and reverence. Your movie brought her to life in a way she hasn’t experienced in a long time. Mom actually smiled and laughed several times. It was a deeply moving, emotional experience. She clearly saw this movie as her epitaph. She was proud and felt that it completed her legacy. It also brought her great joy, at a time when she knows she has little time left. For our Mom, your movie was an amazing act of closure.  And, for the rest of the family members, a damn good movie” Tom C.

Your Family. Your History. Your Legacy.

Our Process:

You select the members of your family that you want to participate in the production process interviewed. We then / as well as schedule a video session at their selected locations or family settings.

We then meet to review all old film footage, photographs and documents, giving your family regular input into which images and series of footages that you choose to include within your selected videos.

Based on time and production costs, we make recommendations for scanning, film conversions or video to video formatting of your memories. Keep the Past will offer several options and estimates based on all of the specifics required to complete your unique, one of a kind family history video.

Timeline: We regularly take 8 weeks from the beginning of production to completion. We often can deliver a final product more quickly, but, this often depends on project specifics. Please inquire for further details and likely estimates.

Services We Provide:

• Video production of interviews with HD video equipment, professional lighting and a skilled interviewer.
• Review of family archives of film, photographs and documents.
• High resolution scanning of past photographs and documents.
• Transfers of films to video format.
• Retouching of old photographs (and selected restoration) and documents;
• Video Editing;
• Book Publishing: Created from all the photographs and documents, a small, printed edition books.
• Video Brochure: Play anytime, anywhere. A portable keepsake video and audio book that you can carry with you, accessible 24/7 to multiple family members.
• Final video delivered on USB flash drives, for each member of the family. 

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